Kiel Moscow- Exchange

The National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE) is one of the leading russain Universities and with more than 20 Departments and 25,000 students one of the largest, too. Both Master and PhD students can participate in the program.

Students have the possibilty the visit courses in English or study Russian as a foreign language.

The tuition and applications fees are waived. The cost of living is approximately 260 €.

Feel free to contact Ms Oxana Budjko (budjko@hse.ru) if you have any questions.

Please contact Ms Hasenpusch WSP1 - Raum 303 for further information.

Bulletin: fall semester 2019

Bulletin: spring semester 2020

Application deadlines

Fall semester: April 5
Spring semester: October 18

HSE-Factsheet 20/21

Courses for exchange students

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