Dr. Dominik Boddin

until 30.04.2019

Dissertation: " Essays in International Trade "

Dr. Philipp Henze

until 30.11.2015

Dissertation: "Structural Change, Wage Inequality, and the Occupational Mix of Firms: Evidence from German Micro Data"

Dr. 'Simon' Zhan Qu

until 31.07.2014

Dissertation: "Three Essays on Intermediaries in Economics"

Dr. Eike Berner

until 30.11.2012

Dissertation: "The pass-through into import and consumer prices: New evidence from German micro data"

Dr. Laura Birg

until 31.03.2012

Dissertation: "Parallel Trade of Pharmaceuticals: Conflicts in Helath Policy Objectives and Regulatory Externalities in the EU Internal Market"

Dr. Markus Kelle

until 31.07.2011

Dissertation: " Trade and FDI in Services: Firm Level Evidence for Germany "

Dr. Barbara Stoschek

until 09.05.2010

Dissertation: "Environmental Policy in Open Economies"

Dr. Sebastian Wilckens

until 31.07.2007

Dissertation: "An Economic Analysis of the WTO's Dispute Settlement System"

Dr. Farid Toubal

unitl 29.10.2004

Dissertation: " The spatial and sectoral distribution of multinational activities in Eastern Europe "