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Publications in Refereed Journals

  • International trade and retail market performance and structure: Theory and empirical evidence Download
    Journal of International Economics 115 (2018), 99-114 (with Philipp Meinen).
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  • Incentives through inventory control in supply chains Download
    International Journal of Industrial Organization 59 (2018), 486-513 (with Zhan Qu and Nicolas Schmitt).
  • Financial frictions and foreign direct investment: Evidence from Japanese microdata Download
    Journal of International Economics 112 (2018), 109-122 (with Michael Ryan and Frank Stähler)
  • Foreign ownership and the export and import propensities of developing country firms [Download]
    The World Economy, forthcoming (with Dominik Boddin and Natalia Trofimenko)
  • Manufacturers and retailers in the global economy [Download]
        Canadian Journal of Economics 49 (2016), 685-706 (with Nicolas Schmitt)
  • Tax rate and tax base competition for foreign direct investment [Download]
         International Tax and Public Finance 22 (2015), 777-810 (with Peter Egger)
  • Foreign ownership and the extensive margins of exports: Evidence for manufacturing enterprises in Germany     [Download]
        The World Economy 37 (2014), 579-591 (with Joachim Wagner)
  • Cross-border and foreign-affiliate sales of services: Evidence from German micro-data [Download]
        The World Economy 36 (2013), 1373-1392 (with Markus Kelle, Jörn Kleinert and Farid Toubal)
  • Greasing the wheels of international commerce: How services facilitate firms’ international sourcing                         [Download]
        Canadian Journal of Economics 46 (2013), 78-102 (with Peter Debaere and Holger Görg)
  • Productivity and the product scope of multi-product firms: A test of Feenstra-Ma [Download]
        Economics Bulletin 33 (2013), 415-419 (with Joachim Wagner)
  • Imports and the structure of retail markets [Download]
        Canadian Journal of Economics 45 (2012), 1431-1455 (with Nicolas Schmitt)
  • Firm productivity and the foreign-market entry decision [Download]
       Journal of Economics and Management Strategy 21 (2012), 849-871 (with Michael Ryan and Frank Stähler)
  • Innovation and trade with heterogeneous firms [Download]
        Journal of International Economics 84 (2011), 149-159 (with Ngo Van Long and Frank Stähler)   
  • Exchange-rate misalignment in duopoly: The case of Airbus and Boeing [Download]
        The World Economy 34 (2011), 623-641 (with Agnès Bénassy-Quéré and Lionel Fontagné)
  • Intra-industry adjustment to import competition: Theory and application to the German clothing industry                   [Download]
        The World Economy 33 (2010), 1006-1022 (with Joachim Wagner)
  • Buyer power in international markets [Download]
        Journal of International Economics 79 (2009), 222-229 (with Nicolas Schmitt)
  • Whole versus shared ownership of foreign affiliates [Download]
        International Journal of Industrial Organization 27 (2009) 572-581 (with Michael Ryan and Frank Stähler)
  • The choice of market entry mode: Greenfield investment, M&A and joint venture [Download]
        International Review of Economics and Finance 18 (2009), 3-10 (with Michael Ryan and Frank Stähler)
  • Firm-specific characteristics and the timing of foreign direct investment projects [Download]
        Review of World Economics / Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv 144 (2008), 1-31 (with Michael Ryan)
  • Foreign direct investment in producer services: Theory and empirical evidence [Download]
        Applied Economics Quarterly 53 (2007), 299-321 (with Marc von der Ruhr)
  • Why parallel trade may raise producers’ profits  [Download]
        Journal of International Economics 71 (2007), 434-447 (with Nicolas Schmitt)
  • Exclusive dealing and common agency in international markets [Download]
        Journal of International Economics 68 (2006), 485-503 (with Nicolas Schmitt)
  • Endogenous vertical restraints in international trade [Download]
        European Economic Review 49 (2005), 1877-1889 (with Nicolas Schmitt)
  • Inter- and intra-sectoral linkages in foreign direct investment: Evidence from Japanese investment in Europe         [Download]
        Journal of the Japanese and International Economies 19 (2005), 110-134 (with Dominique Gross and Michael Ryan)
  • Preferential trade agreements and tax competition for foreign direct investment  [Download]
        Journal of Public Economics 88 (2004), 2745-2763
  • Preferential trade liberalization under Cournot competition [Download]
        Review of International Economics 9 (2001) 455-461
  • Cumbersome coordination in repeated games  [Download]
        International Journal of Game Theory 29 (2000) 101-111 (with David Schmidt)
  • Optimal export policy in the presence of informational barriers to entry and imperfect competition [Download]
        Journal of International Economics 49 (1999) 99-123 (with Young-Han Kim)
  • Tax incentives for import-substituting foreign investment: Does signalling play a role? [Download]
        Journal of Public Economics, 67 (1998) 167-193 (with Krishna Srinivasan)
        Journal of International Economics 42 (1997) 483-504 (with Mehmet Baç)
  • Income redistribution with well-informed regional governments [Download]
        International Tax and Public Finance 4 (1997), 407-428 (with John D. Wilson)
  • Should the power to redistribute income be (de-)centralized? An example [Download]
        International Tax and Public Finance 4 (1997), 453-462 (with Eckhard Janeba)
  • Issue-by-issue negotiations: The role of information and time preference [Download]
        Games and Economic Behavior 13  (1996), 125 - 134 (with Mehmet Baç)
  • Incentive-compatible regulation of foreign-owned subsidiaries: A tax simulation for the Jamaican bauxite industry [Download]
        Journal of Development Economics 45 (1994) 339-364
  • A model of expropriation with asymmetric information [Download]
        Journal of International Economics 33 (1992), 245-265

Other Publications 

  • Retailing and International Trade 
        in E. Basker, ed., Handbook on the Economics of Retailing and Distribution, 
        Edward Elgar Publishers, forthcoming (with Nicolas Schmitt)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions 
        in: Ramkishen S. Rajan and Kenneth A. Reinert, eds., Princeton Encyclopedia of the World Economy, 
        Princeton University Press, 2008
  • Joint Ventures
        in: Ramkishen S. Rajan and Kenneth A. Reinert, eds., Princeton Encyclopedia of the World Economy, 
        Princeton University Press, 2008

Working Papers  

  • Foreign ownership and the export and import propensities of developing-country firms [Download]
        Kiel Working Paper 1995 (with Dominik Boddin and Natalia Trofimenko)
        [Substantially revised version of: World market access of emerging-market firms: The role of foreign ownership 
        and access to external finance; Kiel Working Paper 1848, CESifo Working Paper 4346 (with Natalia Trofimenko)]
  • Inventory control and intermediation in global supply chains [Download]
        CESifo Working Paper 5269, Kiel Working Paper 1993 (with Zhan Qu and Nicolas Schmitt)
  • Financial frictions and foreign direct investment: Theory and evidence from Japanese microdata [Download]
         CESifo Working Paper 5260, Kiel Working Paper 1992 (with Michael Ryan and Frank Stähler). (R&R Journal
         of International Economics)
  • Retailing and International Trade: A Survey of the Literature [Download]
        Kiel Economics Working Paper 2015-02 (with Nicolas Schmitt)
  • Manufacturers and retailers in the global economy [Download]
         Kiel Working Paper 1711, CESifo Working Paper 3508 (with Nicolas Schmitt)
  • Tax rate and tax base competition for foreign direct investment [Download]
         Kiel Working Paper 1734, CESifo Working Paper 3596 (with Peter Egger).